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Job offers

Postdoctoral position: Matrix approach for resonant multiple scattering of light (theory)

Langevin Institute, Paris

We propose a 2 years postdoctoral position in the Waves Theory and Mesoscopic Physics group of the Langevin Institute under the supervision of Arthur Goetschy. The goal of the project is to provide a theory for the scattering matrix of strongly scattering media made of resonant units for wavefront shaping applications. Applicants should have a Ph.D. in wave physics with a solid background on wave propagation in complex systems.

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Real-time shaping of entangled photons by classical control and feedback

[O. Lib, G. Hasson and Y. Bromberg, Sci. Adv. 6 (2020)]

Wavefront shaping offers the possibility to compensate for the effect of propagation through heterogeneous media. However, when using a single or a few photons, the feedback signal is typically too weak to allow real-time wavefront shaping applications, which limits applications for quantum communications using entangled photons. In this paper from the team of Yaron Bromberg at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem, the authors overcome this challenge by using as feedback the classical signal of the pump that follows the same path as the entangled photon. It allows adapting in real-time the pump wavefront to compensate for the aberrations/scattering introduced by a heterogeneous dynamic sample.

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Spatio-temporal shaping of light through a scattering medium

[A. Boniface et al., arxiv, 2007.09050 (2020)]

Controlling the spatial and temporal properties of a short pulse is already difficult in free space, and require a well-calibrated and specific setup. When the pulse propagates through a scattering medium, its temporal and spatial properties are randomized, leading to a spatio-temporal speckle. However, the effect of the medium can be described by means of the multi-spectral transmission matrix. In this paper, A. Boniface and his colleagues show that by measuring previously this matrix, and by only controlling the spatial input field using a spatial light modulator, they can modulate at will the spatio-temporal properties of the point spread function of a pulse traveling through a complex medium.

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Noninvasive incoherent imaging through scattering media based on wavefront shaping

[T. Yeminy and O. Katz., arxiv, 2007.03956 (2020)]

Wavefront shaping unlocked many exciting applications related to imaging through scattering media. However, they usually require to have some feedback from the object to observe, typically a guide-star generated by physically labeling the sample or by using ultrasound (that reduced the resolution). Other computer-based approaches recently developed relied on the memory-effect, which drastically limits the field of view, or requires a coherent illumination. In the present paper, T. Yeminy and O. Katz present a very simple approach that allows the reconstruction of an object hidden behind a scattering medium under incoherent illumination. It uses wavefront shaping of the scattered light together with an optimization procedure based on some assumptions about the object.

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