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Call for papers on Wavefront Shaping Tutorials:
JPhys Photonics Special Issue

Guest Editors

  • Ivo Vellekoop - University of Twente, Netherlands
  • Joshua Brake - Harvey Mudd College, United States
  • Sébastien Popoff - CNRS - Institut Langevin - ESPCI, France

In the past 15 years, wavefront shaping has emerged as a preferred tool for controlling and studying light propagation in complex media. Thousands of papers have been published, many of which present new and potentially exciting applications. However, wavefront shaping is a tool that requires experience, custom codes, and most importantly, specific tricks, which are often not published or shared. This special issue provides an opportunity to disseminate this information, thereby ensuring the reproducibility of the results and promoting the spread of techniques in this field.

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Highlights Tutorials Spatial Light Modulators

Easy characterization of SLMs' phase deformation

[D. Marco et al., Opt. Lett., 45 (2020)]

Technical papers are important for the scientific community, it helps in particular to reproduce experimental setups. They are unfortunately not valued enough by scientific journals. I want today to highlight such a paper. Liquid crystals phase modulators - and indeed any kind of spatial light modulator (SLM) - are not free of imperfections. One effect that appears is a phase distortion of the reflected field due to spatial non-uniformities that occur during the fabrications. In practice, if you illuminate an SLM with a plane wave and you display a uniform mask, one does not end up with a plane wave, but an aberrated wavefront. In the present paper, the authors use a quite easy to implement technique to retrieve the phase distortion introduced by the SLM.

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Tutorials Spatial Light Modulators

About mechanical stability using Vialux DMDs

We have been using DMDs from Vialux for a few years now, and I already published few posts about different effects that need to be taken into account when working with such devices (in particular aberrations and diffraction effects). One more trivial, but potentially troublesome, effect is due to vibrations, that come from the FPGA board and transmitted through the rigid flat cables. In this quick post, I show the damaging effect of vibrations and how to easily get rid of them, at least partially.

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Tutorials Spatial Light Modulators

How to generate macropixel patterns for SLMs/DMDs with the Layout module

In many wavefront shaping experiments, such as for optimization experiments, like the seminal work by I. Vellkoop and A. Mosk, or for measuring the transmission matrix, one needs to control the amplitude and/or the phase of the field on a given number of macropixels (i.e. groups of pixels). Using DMDs, amplitude, and phase modulation can be achieved using the Lee hologram method and then sending the binary images to the device using the for ALP4lib in Python for Vialux DMDs. I released here a module written by M. W. Matthès and myself to easily and efficiently generate such patterns. The code can be found on my Github account here as well as an amplitude and phase modulation example: layout_amplitude_phase_modulation.ipynb.

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