Who and why?

Following the footsteps of the seminal works performed by Ivo Vellekoop and Allard Mosk, I started working on wavefront shaping during my Ph.D. in 2008. I now work for the CNRS (French National Research Agency) at the Langevin Institute (ESPCI Paris). I have worked on using complex media such as scattering media and multimode fibers for imaging, telecommunications, computing and also fundamental studies of light propagation. I quickly realized that applications of wavefront shaping was attracting a lot of people from very diverse communities, dealing with similar issues, but with different backgrounds. In a nutshell, wavefront is not so much an area of research as a toolbox unlocking new exciting application for various fields of research.

I created this website in 2012 with the goal to share the tools I have learned - and still learning! - to help making them accessible to as many researchers as possible from communities which can benefit from wavefront shaping.

Sébastien M. Popoff