Wave propagation and control in complex media 2021
From order to disorder

June 28th - June 30th, 2021

Online Workshop

Link: here

Join us virtually! We will talk about wavefront shaping, correlated disorder, scattering, waveguides/fibers, topology in optics, microwave, and acoustics, etc. It is free but registration is required.


Understanding wave propagation in homogeneous media is the basis of classical imaging, sensing, or telecommunications techniques. The presence of disorder complicates these problems and the study of propagation in disordered media, associated with spatio-temporal wave control techniques, has enabled major advances in many fields, from acoustics to optics, including seismology and microwave. All these techniques share the same base, namely the wave propagation medium itself. This remains a subject of study in its own right, which we wish to address during this workshop, while keeping in mind the spirit of making crossings between the different communities of wave physics. Indeed, there is a multitude of different propagation media, each coming with its own specificities and its own terminology.

In particular, the usual propagation media are generally neither totally ordered nor totally disordered. The introduction of disorder correlations or particular symmetries introduces non-trivial behaviors for waves that open the way to new applications. Based on this observation, the main theme of our workshop is the study of the order/disorder transition in complex media. The objective is to share fundamentally multidisciplinary knowledge acquired by experts from different fields of research who face similar problems. The subjects treated will allow approaching the theoretical aspects related to complex environments (correlated disorder, topology, multiple scattering, disordered waveguides) as well as their practical applications (optical and microwave telecommunications, imaging, non-destructive testing, computation by physical systems, metamaterials).

Invited Speakers

  • Pr. Mathias Fink – ESPCI Paris - PSL
  • Pr. Ping Sheng – HKUST, Hong Kong
  • Pr. Mordechai Segev – Technion
  • Pr. Andrea Alu – City University of New York
  • Pr. Arnaud Tourin – ESPCI Paris - PSL
  • Pr. Nader Engheta – University of Pennsylvania
  • Dr. Joel Carpenter – University of Queensland
  • Dr. George C. Valley – Aerospace Corporation
  • Pr. Ulrich Kuhl – Université Côte d’Azur
  • Pr. Jelena Vuckovic – Stanford University
  • Dr. Jacqueline Bloch – Université Paris Saclay
  • Dr. Yaron Bromberg – Hebrew University of Jerusalem
  • Pr. Rémi Carminati – ESPCI Paris - PSL
  • Pr. Stefan Rotter – TU Wien
  • Pr. Ad Lagendijk – University of Twente
  • Pr. Douglas Stone – Yale University
  • Pr. Hui Cao – Yale University
  • Pr. Marcel Filoche – École Polytechnique

Local hubs

Online workshops do not fully replace real live ones, and it is sometimes more difficult to stay focus alone in front of our computer. As travels are discouraged or forbidden, depending on local restrictions, it may be allowed to gather multiple people in the same room. Inspired by Photonic Online Meetups, we offer the possibility to organize local hubs. The idea is that if multiple people are interested in attending the workshop in the same institution, they could gather in the same conference room or auditorium where the talks will be displayed on a large screen. If you are interested in organizing a hub, please contact us at cargese (arobase) espci.fr. We need at least one volunteer to organize the projection of the workshop in a dedicated room and to relay the questions from the local attendees after the talks.


More information: here

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