Post-doctoral positions in Ultradeep Microscopy Imaging

Colorado State University

Two post‐doctoral positions are available in the group of Randy Bartels on a two and a half year project dealing with reflection and transmission matrices in multiple-scattering media and imaging deep into tissues with nonlinear modalities.

Project Summary

Imaging at high spatial resolution requires the coherent addition of a wide range of spatial frequencies. This project will push imaging to depths greater than one centimeter in tissue at optical resolution by enabling a new type of microscopy that coherently amplifies the image field produced through nonlinear optical scattering. This strategy will measure a nonlinear distortion operator (NDO) from which high-resolution images will be extracted. The NDO will be a new mechanism for suppressing multiply scattered light to boost the relative fraction of single scattered to multiply scattered light, which will translate into a significantly increased imaging depth.



Created by sebastien.popoff on 19/01/2021