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Endoscopy combining photoacoustic and fluorescence imaging with a small footprint


[S. Mezil et al., arxiv, 2006.10856 (2020)]

Achieving optical-resolution photoacoustic imaging can currently only be obtained using endoscopy. It usually implies a quite bulky endoscope and/or a low signal-to-noise detection. In this paper, the authors present a technique that combines wavefront shaping through a multimode fiber, to scan the focus spot, with a single-mode fiber-based ultrasound sensor to achieve a high signal-to-noise with a small footprint (250 by 125 microns).

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Hey, we got a new website!


It was long overdue, but we now have a fully functional new website (written in Python!). The interface has been simplified and I added new cool features, like the possibility to run small Python apps directly from the site. See this new DMD tool app for instance, I plan to add more in the future as well as to add content more regularly, such as article highlights, talks, etc...

Please feel free to write comments or remarks, as I wrote the website myself, I am sure it is not bug-free...

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DMD diffraction tool

I presented in this tutorial the diffraction effects occurring in a DMD setup. It corresponds to a blazed grating effect and depends on the wavelength \(\lambda\), the pixel pitch \(d\), the incident angle \(\alpha\), and the angle of the micro-mirrors \(\theta\). Here is a simple app (see source code on Github) to calculate the criterion for optimal diffraction efficiency and the aspect of the diffraction pattern in the far-field when illuminating the DMD with a plane wave of incident angle \(\alpha\) with respect to the normal of the surface.

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Talks Wavefront shaping

Time reversed optical waves by arbitrary vector spatiotemporal field generation

Mickael Mounaix, Nicolas K. Fontaine, David T. Neilson, Roland Ryf, Haoshuo Chen, Juan Carlos Alvarado-Zacarias and Joel Carpenter

This video published on J. Carpenter Youtube Channel explained the details of the experiment of this paper [Mounaix et al., arxiv, 1909.07003, (2019)]. The authors use spatial and spectral shaping with a spatial light modulator to achieve spatio-temporal focusing of light by time-reversal through a multimode fiber.

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