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Controlling the propagation of light in Multimode Fibers

Maxime Matthès, Ph.D. defense
February 12th 2021

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Maximum information states for coherent scattering measurements

[D. Bouchet et al., Nat. Phys., 71 (2021)]

Coherent light is a popular tool for sensing and imaging. In simple cases, one can guess or compute a spatial and/or temporal excitation beam profile that ensures that the information about a specific target can be retrieved. However, there was no general rule to find the optimal states of light that maximize the precision of a given parameter estimation. Moreover, such states are expected to depend heavily on the parameter one tries to measure. In the present paper, the authors define a general framework to identify such optimal spatial channels, regardless of the complexity of the propagating medium, using the measurement of the transmission matrix. They demonstrate this concept using wavefront shaping to probe the phase and the position of a target hidden behind a static scattering medium.

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